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Come Grow With Us!



The Corporate Alliance Business, Commerce and Training Center, nicknamed "THE CABCAT CENTER" operates out of a state of the art business, training and commerce center (over 162,000 sq. ft. of buildings, office and meeting space on a 12.7 acre campus).  The Non-Profit Global Corporate Alliance provides millions of jobs through its different phases of revitalizing communities across America. These services also provide and stimulate the residents of the community with access to business and social venues, including, educational, housing, cultural and training programs.


Programs and Services​

Our programs, services and projects are organized on local, regional and national levels, reaching into the zip codes of every city and state. Our goal is to reach, provide training and bring gainful employment to at least 1500 people per zip-code, across America.

Our focus is to reach this large segment of underserved Americans through Community- sponsored JOB FAIRS, Career Counseling and Community-Building Workshops.

Through the offers of stipends, grant-funded educational and training opportunities, Business Apprentice Programs and Social Enterprise Awards, we are confident that, those who are seeking change will express interest.

We will pursue:

  • Our plan to present to every prospect an opportunity for Change!
  • Our goal to make every prospect Ready, Willing and Able for Change
  • Our mission is to "Change How We Do Community!"
  • The opportunity before us to use urban economic and community development to create better jobs, better opportunities, better communities and a better life at the community level.
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