A Division of the Spirit & Truth Worship & Training  Church, Inc.

The Non-Profit Corporate Alliance

Changing How We Do Community!


Donor Strategy

Fundraising Goals, Individuals, Foundations, Sponsors, Events


We are raising our banners that "Collaboration, Plus Development Equals Growth!"

We believe that our message will resonate with the people and communities that are targeted by our marketing plan and they will come, as if summoned!

Our Fundraising plan, with the help of our DonorPerfect fundraising software, is designed to locate, attract and connect Donors / Funding Sources with the right people.  Our plan is designed to:

  • reconnect people back to what is right and true [God  Family  Job  Home  Community]

  • to restore value [to all Peoples, Places, Cultures and Nationalities]

  • to put the urban communities back in order;

  • to resettle families on renovated properties;

  • to make the community livable again by infrastructure placement, housing and training programs.


People will be able to make donations online, as well as, sign-up or register online for programs, services and even Jobs!

The major component of our Fundraising plan is the UCPRG, the Urban Communities Public Relations Group. Through the UCPRG, we are able to market our Donor Strategy and voice our Communications through Culture, Church and Community. That voice is via:

  • The Legacy-One Foundation [Fundraising Organization]

  • The African-American Global Fund [Fundraising Organization]

  • Urban Urgency [Fundraising Organization]

  • African-American Urban Economic and Community Development Across America, Inc. [Fundraising Organization]

Funding Needed

The majority of set-up cost, operational expenses and projects cost will be funded by our corporate sponsors and other grant-making organizations.  Other streams of revenue will flow from fund raising efforts and events.  A third stream will flow from enterprises developed to generate funds to maintain sustainability.

Year 1    Operational Cost                          $   24,354,300.00

Year 1    Projects Cost                                $ 238,974,541.00

               AAUECDAA                                $   25,000,000.00 [Initial Global OGM Investment]

Year 3    Social Enterprise                          $ 179,510,000.00

Year 4    AAUECDAA Hedge Fund            $ (Projected distribution in Year 4) 

Planned Fundraising Events

"Changing How we Do Community" Gala Fund Raising Event          Goal $10,000,000.00

"Making New Memories" Outdoor Fund Raising Event                      Goal $10,000,000.00

"The Non-Profit Corporate Alliance Job Fair"                                     Goal $10,000,000.00

"The Non-Profit Corporate Alliance Community Chorale"                  Goal $10,000,000.00


The Urban Communities Public Relations Group is a community–based global communications group.  It is our link to the nations.  Specializing in managing our corporate reputation and Donor base, the UCPRG is a key component in attracting significant donors  in the urban communities. 


  • To extend our reach to a broader audience, generate “buzz” and build credibility to targeted communities and supporters;

  • To identify target communities, organizations and supporters and communicate our interests and needs.  These might  include publications, industry associations and alliance organizations;

  • To develop a strategy to reach each target community or organization sharing with them what we provide and how it would benefit them; to develop a systematic process to be  implemented that will identify, contact and “pitch” relevant communities and people groups;

  • To manage ongoing implementation by coordinating the process to regularly deliver content to a large number of people in various communities;

  • To act as a liaison and contact person with publishers, as well as, internal communication and preparation within the corporate internal organizational structure;

  • To track and analyze the measurable results of publicity and advertising in terms of business impact, community awareness and donations received. 

The UCPRG is an overall public relations group with a primary focus to build a strong, positive reputation within and without the target communities and getting the people READY, WILLING and ABLE for change.

 We plan to invest in signage, physical or digital advertising, email newsletters, SEO's, social media outreach, TV or radio commercials.  We have developed a logo and are currently branding that logo through social media.  All kinds of marketing activities will be used to attract communities to our plans, training programs and infrastructure placement.