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Providing Community Building Projects, Services and Programs for Urban Development

About Us

At The Non-Profit Global Corporate Alliance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we are focused on providing community building services and training programs with the highest levels of client satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

The N-PCA (The Non-Profit Global Corporate Alliance) is undertaking urban economic and community development across America. Through our partnership with community leaders, Associations and concerned citizens, with the support of government organizations, we can stimulate urban communities across America. Together we can work as partners to solve the problems, strengthen the weaknesses and take action for a more productive future for urban America.

The N-PCA and its partners have the drive to get things done; the contacts to access financial resources; the credibility and trust of the community; the influence to make quality decisions and the dedication to urban communities to plan, take action and to see the process through.

The Non-Profit Global Corporate Alliance is the combined stimulus of several non-profit organizations who are better and stronger by their collaboration and cooperation than any singular non-profit in their specific domain. We are in the business of changing the entire shift by which urban communities operate and generate the capital they need to carry out their community-development plans. We are on a mission to advance the urban community through the use of an innovative non-profit corporate alliance.

As we are successful in changing how urban communities operate and generate capital to bring about social change:

  • We recruit member organizations, which are both mission-driven and trained in Nonprofit Business and Organizational Management.

  • We prove to the financial community the social and economic worth of investing in our communities.
  • Board members be recruited who understand the real world of business, and at the same time, appreciate the mission that drives our business activities.

  • We access global research and demonstrate sustainability and “venture forth” into a brighter future!

Members Organizations of The Non-Profit Global
Corporate Alliance 

  • The Spirit and Truth Worship Tabernacle Cathedral
  • African-American Urban Economic & Community Development Across America
  • College Prep and Beyond
  • Crossroads Urban Communities Development Corporation
  • Full Force Urban Communities Economic Development Corporation
  • Generals for a Generation Mentoring Group
  • Global Reach Business Development Corporation
  • Human Resources Development, Educational and Equipping Institute
  • R.O.P.E. Youth Development and Mentoring Group
  • The African-American Global Fund
  • The African-American Leadership Development Institute
  • The Community-First Service Program
  • The Legacy-One Foundation
  • The Multi-Plex Recreational Center
  • The Non-Profit Global Corporate Alliance Center
  • The Urban Communities Emergency Relief Group
  • The Urban Communities Environmental Collaboration
  • Urban Alliance for Social Enterprise
  • Urban Communities Public Relations Group
  • Urban Enterprise and Communication Center
  • Urban Urgency

The Non-Profit Global Corporate Alliance is owned and operated by The Spirit & Truth Worship & Training Church, Inc., a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Corporation. Our Constitution and Bylaws stipulate that we be:

  • A church focused on the message of the finished work of Christ, the renewing of the Spirit and the emergence and advancement of the Kingdom of God.
  • A church with sound doctrine, integrating faith and learning.
  • A church with a holy passion, surrendered to the purposes of God.
  • A church, which reaches and multiplies across all boundaries: religious, ethnic and national.
  • A church that models Jesus.
  • A church that is relevant in the local communities.
  • A church where there is true fellowship and true worship.
  • A church that integrates evangelism with discipleship.
  • A church that invests in people, training programs and builds community wealth.

Why Us? 

Our Management Team is mission-driven and trained in Non-Profit Business and Management. They are people who understand the real world of business and appreciate the mission that drives us.

The success of The Non-Profit Global Corporate Alliance is based on its ability to solve the problems and strengthen the weaknesses of urban communities. By becoming this “community solution provider” the Alliance has paved the way for social change in these communities.

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