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Making Economic Development Work in Urban Communities

Targeting America's​ Greatest Untapped Resou​rce: Urban America

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Mission, Strategy, Capacity Building

What We Propose

An Excellent Opportunity! 

In an effort to convince others that the idea of The Non-Profit Global Corporate Alliance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a business is a good one; that our investors would gain more out of it than they invested into it and that urban communities across America would benefit dramatically, we submit the idea of using an alternative investment strategy to generate the capital we need to adequately capitalize and sustain the rebuilding of urban African-American communities, across America. Leveraging the collective buying power of over a trillion dollars, annually, we can change how we do community.

Partnering for Progress

Our Vision

Changing How We Do Community 

The Non-Profit Global Corporate Alliance has a vision to transform communities by engaging, mobilizing and applying “hands-on” help to those in need that will lead them to help themselves and others. Our mission is to be the driving force for change in the communities we serve and to make those communities an awe-inspiring place to live, work and play.

A Plan With You in Mind 

1500 New Jobs in Every Community! 

By focusing on this large underserved segment, our programs and projects bring over 65 million new workers to the workforce and approximately 3.7 trillion dollars in new revenue. Combine that with 1.1 to 1.5 trillion dollars spent by urban communities, this becomes the largest untapped resource this millennium.


AA Urban Economic and Community Development

Across America  


This is a great time and opportunity for African-Americans to sit at the table of global re-positioning and to take advantage of unique global investment opportunities in a variety of ways. We believe an alternative investment package would be the ideal vehicle through which the African-American community could joint venture an investment opportunity with interested parties.

The investment package would further allow our African-American communities and large accredited investors to co-invest, not only in the oil, gas and mineral rights (OGM) opportunities of the world but in the next largest (untapped) economic-gain resource and consumer bloc in the world.

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